Professional Piano Removalist vs. General Furniture Movers

The importance of hiring a professional piano mover is inevitable. You can thoughtfully make a decision once you look at the following reasons.

  • Professional Piano Removalists take care of your piano while general furniture movers treat your precious instrument as a piece of furniture
  • To move your piano, professionals use specialized equipment whereas furniture movers rely on straps and are likely to cause damage to your instrument
  • You get the exact quote in advance from the specialist while general furniture carriers may ask for an unexpected hefty price quoted by an hourly rate post to moving
  • Specialist piano movers transport your piano safely and securely with protective packing while furniture movers treat it like any other item, hence increasing the chance of damage
  • Professional Piano Removalists adhere to their schedule. On the other hand, with general furniture movers you end up with no guarantee of a timely transport.
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