To maintain the true value and sound quality of your piano, you should treat it with a professional tuning every six months. Delaying or not doing so will affect its value and function.

The primary reason for tuning is seasonal climate change. Since pianos are mostly made of wood; therefore, they respond to changes in temperature and humidity.

Piano Transport And Tuning Singapore

Whether you have an old piano (over 40 – 50 years) or a new one, Piano Movers Singapore takes the responsibility off your shoulders by arranging a thorough, professional piano tuning for you.

We, however, recommend that before you get your piano tuned, let it sit for a minimum of 48 hours after you move it to the new location. This enables the piano to settle down in the new atmosphere, hence making the tuning process more effective.

When you need us the most, let us be there for you.

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